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White Pine Reed Diffuser Oil - 4 oz

White Pine Reed Diffuser Oil - 4 oz

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Our Reed Diffuser Oil is a popular option for home and office use, coming in a variety of scents with 8 reed diffusers and a 4 oz. amber glass bottle. The reed diffusers come with 5 regular reeds and 3 floral reeds.

Scent BlendCranberry, Black Currant, Green Leaves, Pine

Place 6-8 reeds into the container, and spread the top of the reeds out, allowing air to flow between them. Flip the reeds every few days for more fragrance. Replace with new reeds and solution every 2-3 months.

Keep out of reach of pets and small children. Do not ingest the liquid. Avoid placing in
areas where the bottle can be knocked over. May damage wood and porous surfaces if spilled.


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