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Hosanna Revival

NLT Notetaking Bible - Versailles Theme - Hosanna Revival

NLT Notetaking Bible - Versailles Theme - Hosanna Revival

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Versailles, France is home to the gorgeous and stunning Versailles Palace, the former royal residence of King Louis XIV. The palace features beautiful, awe-inspiring gardens that stretch away towards the horizon from the Water Parterre.

This gorgeous Bible features a single gold flower with a floral print pressed into the cover, and is paired with a reminder from Scripture that “He has planted eternity in the human heart” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). The smooth texture of the leather-like cover feels wonderful in your hands, and will draw you into an immersive experience with God’s Word.

This all-new design from Hosanna Revival features lined margins for journaling as you read, writing prayers, or jotting down sermon notes. The gorgeous interior was custom-designed by Hosanna Revival to create an immersive experience as you read and study God’s Word.

The Versailles NLT Notetaking Bible is a precious tool designed to draw you into the Bible where we know you will discover a fresh, renewed understanding of the eternal God, whom you were created to worship and adore for all eternity.

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