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Orion's Apothecary

Elderberry Syrup Mix - Orion's Apothocary

Elderberry Syrup Mix - Orion's Apothocary

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Simmer small (90g) bag of mix with 1 quart of water for one hour, then strain.

Simmer large (175g) bag of mix with 1/2gallon of water for 1 hour, then strain.

Making the Syrup

Make all the syrup immediately by combining the tea and local honey or simple syrup in a one-to-one ratio. Great for sharing!

Make a Small Batch of Syrup by mixing a one-to-one ratio of tea and honey to make your first batch of syrup. We suggest freezing the rest of the tea in 8 oz. jelly jars, only putting 6 oz. of tea in the jar.  When you need more syrup, warm up a jar of tea and combine one-to-one with honey or simple syrup.

Store Syrup in Refrigerator, use within 2 months.

Store Tea in Freezer, use within 1 year.

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