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Caramel Sauce - Assorted Flavors

Caramel Sauce - Assorted Flavors

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 Bourbon: Your friends and family will be amazed by the flavor that Woodford Reserve bourbon brings out in our caramel sauce. It makes an amazing glaze on salmon or ham and pairs incredibly with baked brie, apple crisp, pecan and banana cream pie, bread pudding or anything chocolate!

Chipotle: It’s not hot, it's a little Smokey with a peppery finish. With both sweet and savory applications, we love to use chipotle caramel on smoked ribs, roasted sweet potatoes, popcorn, glazed carrots and grilled corn. Drizzle over the top, it makes vanilla ice cream a 5 star dessert. Try it on  brownies or make the best glazed nuts with it!

Chocolate: Everyone says it tastes just like brownie batter! It's amazing on cheese cake, cupcakes and brownies, drizzled over bananas, strawberries and apples and goes great in hot chocolate, coffee, martini's and mudslides! Yum!

Cinnamon Vanilla: It tastes like the ooey-gooey middle of a Cinnabon! Our cinnamon vanilla caramel sauce is a pancake, waffle and French toast slayer and the perfect addition to your apple pie. It's our favorite caramel in coffee and begs to be drizzled over grilled peaches, and cheese cake! Oh, and don't forget to add it to your oatmeal!

Espresso: Made with Peet’s Major Dickason's Blend beans, if you like coffee you will love this. Tastes like a Sunday morning! Our rich and coffee-y caramel loves to be poured over cinnamon rolls, banana bread and coffee cake. It's a match made in heaven with brownies and adds the perfect accompaniment to milkshakes, a sip of Irish cream or a mug of hot cocoa.

Salted: A 2021 Gold Sofi award winner, our salted caramel sauce is our number one seller! We guarantee it is the best all natural caramel sauce you have ever tasted or your money back! Seriously! Made just how caramel was meant to be made, with every bite a flavor explosion of buttery, creamy goodness! We love it on a spoon, but if you need more, try it on ice cream, cupcakes, cheese cake, apples or in your coffee!

Irish Cream: This small batch seasonal flavor is the best of all things Irish Cream! A perfect pairing with coffee, icecream, popcorn, or your favorite dessert. Our all natural Irish Cream caramel sauce is the pot of gold at the end of the delicious rainbow!

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